by the morning maybe we'll remember. (loveandwarrior) wrote in wordvines,
by the morning maybe we'll remember.

A Betaing Community

As originally posted by olliegami:

A friend of mine suggested I get myself a beta for my work. I was going to post and ask on the Communities about getting a beta, but then I thought one better. Why not make a Community so that Beta's and writers can get together.

What more can an Author want than having many Beta's to check through and give pointers and advice on their work? The Community Info tells more about what goes on at the Community.

I've only just created the Community Today, So I'll be needing quite alot of support Advertising and Sorting out a few small things. I thought it would be a good idea to advertise the Community in the Writing Communities I'm a part of.

Sorry if this is an annoyance to any of you, and thanks for your time.
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