... where would I be (i_o_r_h_a_e_l) wrote in wordvines,
... where would I be

All Roads Lead to You

She keeps walking, with a big black bag hanging over her shoulder and plastic bag-wrapped shrimp crackers clutched by her other hand. Dressed in a long skirt and medium-high-heeled shoes, she seems oblivious of the small pools of water in the tiny cracks along the narrow street connecting her office and the main road stretched no less than two hundred meters ahead. There is no taxi in sight and the night has long come and it is starting to drizzle again. Yet none of them matters to her. She swings her legs lightly and carelessly as if she were not there drenched in the rain. As if she were bathing in sunlight instead in a vast green prairie. She even only puts on the raincoat as she is halfway to the main street. No. Not an iota of this discomfort weighs her down. A hand reaches out at a golden band suspending from a fine platinum necklace, and her smile breaks.

This is unedited. Please. Slash it apart with your sharpest knife. :)

Thank you.
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