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new to you

Hello everybody.

I’ve just taken leave to add myself as a wordvinemember, and thought I’d introduce myself to you.

I’m called sudynhere in the LJ-world and am 22 years of age. I live in Germany but enjoy reading and writing in English. Currently I’m busy typing out a fantasy novel, but don’t (yet) have any intentions of getting published. The reason for that is mainly because I think my work is very needy. Perhaps you guys can help me out sometime.

And while I’m about it, I thought I’d hand out some tips against that accursed writer’s block.

a) Read your favorite novel. Then put the book away and force your own character on one of the characters in the book. Let the character play a small role in the background, or between the scenes. (Does that make any sense?) I’ve figured that a lot of pretty side-scenes can be created that way. NOTE: I’m not saying you should simply copy another’s ideas. I’m only saying that you could find inspiration in the pictures another artist creates, by using them as a start and then continuing your scene in your own world with your own characters.

b) Listen to music, especially for dramatic, aggressive, or comical scenes. They help me put color to the pictures in my mind.

c) Always jot down even the vaguest ideas. (At the moment I have more notes and scraps than I have chapters, ha ha) They can turn out to be helpful all the same, though often enough you figure you’re not going to need most of them. At least no good ideas will be lost that way, and you’ll always have something to work on.

I very much doubt that these tips were very helpful to any of you, but I mentioned them all the same. If they were utterly useless, you have just wasted precious seconds of your life. Sorry about that. *winks*

Well. Now you got to know me, and I hope I can get to know (at least some of) you.

Thank you very much for your attention


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