K (cryptika) wrote in wordvines,

Community Update

Hey guys!

As you may have noticed we've now got our new mod team together. Your mods are hundakleptisis, loveandwarrior, xsmiley_smbx and myself.

Look out for a new writing challenge being posted in the next few days. As well as this, from now on, we'll also be announcing winners for our challenges. hundakleptisis has made some wonderful winners icons, on which we'll display the winners for weekly and monthly challenges. We'll also have winners icons for our most active and helpful critics.

If anybody's interested, we may run an annual writing challenge for those wanting to complete a novel. Through Wordvines you can benefit from community support and critique, and you can take time to prepare a manuscript with a focus on quality as opposed to merely quantity. This isn't a dig at Nano, which is an immensely worthwhile challenge for many of us, including myself, but rather an alternative challenge where you can produce work at your own pace, and still have a whole community of support to make it the best manuscript it can be. If this sounds like a challenge that appeals to you, let us know.

And another thing... We'll soon be incorporating a "Word of the Week" prompt, so look out for that.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post here or email us at wordvines@gmail.com.

Your mod,
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